Uncategorized February 17, 2022

Living In NW Montana

What is it like living in the great state of Montana?

You and I may have more in common than you think if you are asking yourself the same question. Back in 2002, my family and I wanted more out of life, a quality of life to be specific. A quality of life that would bring us even closer to the outdoors and the ability to spend more time together. It felt like we were always running, from home to work, work to home, spending too much time in traffic, obligations to work events, and waiting tirelessly for that annual vacation. You know, the one that takes all the planning, packing, shopping, organizing and then, poof, it’s over before you know it and back to the grind. We were fed up and wanted more after realizing these days pass too quickly to live life in a tiresome grind.

That’s when we decided to take a trip to Montana in search of a better life for all of us. Once we arrived, we never wanted to leave. The beauty, the outdoors, the slower pace and the outdoor recreation which was absolute medicine for the soul. I have found that hiking in Glacier Nat’l Park releases all the stress I may be carrying. A simple campfire together with smores brings communication, laughs and relationships closer. A snowmobile ride in the back country can take your breath away. A summer concert, a drive around the lake, a marathon, cycling, an art gallery, taking up fly fishing, kayaking or improving your golf game, the fun is up to you. The bonus was finding such a kind, giving and friendly community of people always offering a helping hand. I can honestly say no regrets, no looking back. We had found what we were looking for in life and you can to. Maybe you are not sure yet what your looking for, so the best way to find out is to explore for yourself. Montana offers 12 months of outdoor recreation and nature with something for everyone so pick your favorite season to visit.

The idea of a new quality of life, has not just hit my household. Montana has been experiencing a very active market in recent months. The opportunity to work remotely has boomed allowing more people to invest in real estate markets offering more square footage, workspace, homeschooling, gardening and yard space to name a few. It has also been an increasing destination for vacation homes or second homes allowing you that time away from the city should you need it.

Home, family, work, vacations have all taken on a new outlook and I am finding that direction and goals are being fine tuned to meet the immediate or future needs for healthy, happy living. Having a connection to explore your dreams is imperative. Finding a great Realtor to guide you through is the best first step to help you navigate, especially an experienced one who understands the business, the market and all the moving parts in between to help you with a smooth, stress-free transition. If you’re ready for change, but don’t know where to start and feel a connection to Montana or with me after reading my story, you may have just started your journey!


Life is what you make it so let’s get started!

Janine Bodway